Julius Caesar

“Men at some time are masters of their fates; The fault, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.” – Julius Caesar


Sometimes in life you have to take steps you think you cannot. You should act when it is time to act. For if a you get a chance to change your circumstances, you must go for it with everything you have. You owe it to everyone that’s ever doubted you, to those that supported you through everything, and most importantly you owe it to yourself to take those chances!

I’ve been waiting to get this tattoo for the past 5 months. Everyone kept asking what I was getting and I wouldn’t tell anyone because, no one would understand what it symbolized for me, so I kept it a secret. Last Thursday was the day I finally got it, I got on the train at 3:30 am to go up to New York City, then walked to 12 West 27th Street i.e. Inked Magazine Studio. I arrived at the studio around 11:00am and met with Mark Wosgerau we got the stencil lined up and began after it tried. It took approximately 10 hours and  15 minutes from start to finish for the tattoo. During that time we talked about a lot of things and my biggest takeaway from it all was when he asked me why do you go to university? My first response was because my parents said I had to go. He gave me a look and asked do you enjoy what you are at university studying. I replied, “I don’t like everything at university, but I found what I love doing while studying something I thought I wanted to do?” Without any hesitation he said then give everything you have to do that! I curiously asked why he was so adamant about that. He said, “Because the only person you have to please in life is yourself, don’t do something because someone tells you to do it because your hearts in it and once you do that nothing can stop you.” He went on to talk about how he got into tattooing and how looking back he can still say he loves what he’s doing, but if he had a redo he would do things differently. This time he’d go to art school and graduate and then going into tattooing to cut his learning curve, but he knows he doesn’t get a redo now, he’s teaching those underneath him ways to fast track to his level by bypassing alot of the trial and errors that he wen through.



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